Dark Poeta

So, the other day we all did Dark Poeta for the first time! That was really an experience, and I think it is cool that they made Poeta in the future! But not so cool that the Balaur had taken over it 😦
We tried to do Dark Poeta fast, and with enough points to get a last boss. But guess what, we didn’t even make it to the end. Just before the end, and we were really close, the time was up. We only got a F grade. I suppose it was because we were too low level. And we died, a lot. We died so much we lost count and it was very silly. I think had 12 million exp that was recoverable when we were done. I think that means I died around 24 times, at least. And everyone got the highest level of Soul Sickness too.
We really want to do Dark Poeta again, but we decided to rise a few levels first and try again after that 🙂

Next time, we’re not going to fail!


And I also reached level 465 in cooking now, so I’m trying for that Miragent Holy Templar quest. I have tried once, but I didn’t proc the Heart of Magic so I have to do it again. The most difficult thing about making it is probably to get Bloiling Balaur Blood Stains. It is too expensive for me to buy, and it takes waaaay too long to farm for it. I guess this will take a really long time for me. Toughwolf did it on second try, that lucky Daeva.
But if i fail 5 times I will get 100 BBBS for free, yay!

And I got new clothes! I actually got the chain chausses in Dark Poeta. And the top was a random one which I remodeled. Then I found some blue petals at broker to color it, so here is how I look now:

And I think that was all for today 🙂

For Elysea!

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